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  • Top Routers Under $100 (Dollars): Routers Worth Buying

    Routers in today’s era has become an essential part of almost everyone life who wants to access internet. These devices especially with Wi-Fi support are most in demand. Everyones device is Wi-Fi enabled and internet without wires make the access pretty hassle free. In this post we will be coveringĀ Top Routers Under $100 (Dollars) that […]

  • Finding your Router Login IP (Default Gateway)

    Unable to access your router login page? This guide helps you to find the router login IP address which can be used to access the page. We will try to cover as many operating systems as possible. We will also update this guide further as the time passes.The first thing to know is that Router […]

  • Changing Netgear Default Admin Password

    Routers are a very important part of the internet. They are the devices which allow us to connect and interact with the various content we can find on the internet. Since it is so crucial, we must also know the basics of the workings of such devices. While advanced knowledge is not necessary, some information […]

  • What is a Wireless or WiFi Router?

    A wireless or WiFi router is a device that mainly does two things. One is to work like an actual router, that is to connect to internet. The second thing is to work as a wireless access point. The most common use of Wi-Fi routers is to connect to internet and provide wireless access point […]

  • Changing DLink Default Admin Password

    Dlink Default admin password for routers add a bit of security to the router so that only known people can access and modify the router’s settings. Many people tend to ignore the fact the if a hacker comes across the password, he/she can use it for malicious purposes. Which is why it is always encourage […]

  • Unable to Access Router Login Page

    So, you entered your default router login ip and got back a blank page or no result. This can happen with users ( Unable to Access RouterĀ ) and most of the times it’s a simple work around that will put it back to work. First thing first, check that if you entered the correct default […]