How to enable MAC filtering on DLink Routers? [With Images]

There can be many reasons which would make to enable MAC filtering in your Wi-Fi router. Situations like lot of users know your wifi password and you to do some important work for time being and the whole speed is distributed. Also, to get rid of hackers MAC filtering is much better option.This guide is based on D-link DSL 2750U router but it will work with all the D-link routers having Firmware Version:IN_1.02. Also, even if the firmwares are different the steps are probably more less same.

This is how you can enable mac filtering on dlink Router

First of all make sure you are connected to your router either wirelessly or through LAN (Local area Network).
1. Enter in your browser URL. A window will open asking username and password.
D-LINK router home page

Mostly, the default username is admin and password is also admin. If you have not changed it just enter admin in the password but if you changed it then enter the one you have changed.
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2. After entering the password click on Login and new window will open.
dlink router interface

Click on the Advanced Tab. Another window with option of MAC filtering will come.

How to enable MAC filtering on D-link Routers?

3. Click on Mac Filtering button under ADVANCED WIRELESS — MAC FILTERING row. Another window with option to add MAC address will come.

Enable MAC filtering - List of MAC addresses and add mac option

Select the option Enable Access Control Mode and Click on Add button.

enter your mac address here

Enter the MAC address of the device to which you want to give the access of internet and click on Apply button.

Note: The mac address of the device you enter will have the access of internet and no one else. So firstly, add your device, the device from which you are adding mac address so that you can add more devices or that device will not have access after clicking on Apply.

That’s it you are done. Have a happy net surfing. If you face any problem do comment and ask your problem. We will try to help you out as soon as possible. Thanks!