Netgear router login

Netgear is a very familiar brand for all people with regards to routers. It has one of the world’s renowned and trusted brands in the networking field. Many professionals have faith in it’s products and many techie consumers also recommend it. Their routers are one of the higher rated ones in various router review websites.

There are a lot of models of Netgear routers available in the market. The good thing about these is that various functions are given in a similar fashion like Netgear router login, Netgear router wireless access etc.Some of the popular Netgear router model number are:

  1. N750
  2. WNR2000
  3. R6050
  4. Nighthawk X8 R8500
Nighthawk X8 R8500

Netgear Router Login Page

First things first is how to access the main settings through Netgear router login. This can be done in many ways; involving you to type one of these addresses in your web browser:


If one of these addresses do not work, try to see what is the default gateway of the connection. If you have a connection that requires a dish to be installed like Hathaway, you will have to set the Static IP Address and then try to access through the above address. There are a few layouts in which the Netgear router login page will be for your router. One of them are shown below.

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Netgear Router Login Page


Before you enter the Netgear router login page, you will be asked for a username and password. If the details haven’t been changed by the Administrator, there are 2 possible credentials

  1. Username: admin , Password: admin
  2. Username: admin , Password: password
Make sure there are no capital letters as they are case sensitive.
This is simply the login of netgear router, I recommend that you change this password as it is easy to hack in to router through open port scanning when you are connected to internet. If you want to change this login password you can learn to do it here: Change Netgear default Admin Password

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