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DLink is another popular router company that makes great products. It was founded in 1986 as Dataex Systems Inc. It earlier was just a network adapter vendor. But as time passed it has progressed to develop, design and manufacturing various networking products like routers, WLAN cards, ethernet cards, and dongles for both consumer and corporate markets.

It is the leading networking company in the small to medium business segment in the world. It doesn’t sell it’s products directly. Instead it sells it’s products through distributors, resellers, e-commerce sites etc.

Some of it’s new and popular models are:

  1. DIR-816L
  2. DIR 880L
  3. DIR 850L
  4. DIR 890L/R
  5. DIR 655
DLink router login
DLink DIR-816L Router
DLink router login is quite easy and can be accomplished by anyone. The router login IP for DLink routers is 
The default Dlink router login username is admin. There is no password at the start. So just typing admin in the User Name and leaving the password field and pressing Login, you will be able to get into the login page.
dlink router login
The login window

Most of the DLink routers have the same type of login page. An image of this is shown below.

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dlink router login
DLink router page

After successfully logging in, you will be able to see and alter various settings. It is recommended that a password is added for the DLink Router login as this will help protect against snoopers and will enhance the security.

For more guides on Dlink Routers, stay tuned.