Changing DLink Default Admin Password

changing DLink default admin password

Dlink Default admin password for routers add a bit of security to the router so that only known people can access and modify the router’s settings. Many people tend to ignore the fact the if a hacker comes across the password, he/she can use it for malicious purposes. Which is why it is always encourage to change the default admin password to something hard so that it cannot be easily cracked.

We have covered the basics of DLink routers, including how to login to the router settings. So to be able to change the default password, we would need to login with the default address. So check the link above in case you don’t know how to do so.

Changing DLink Default Admin Password

First login and get to the router settings
dlink router login page
The default DLink Router Login page. Styling may defer based on the model.
Next thing is to go to Maintainance(or Tools)->Admin
DLink Default Admin Password
Now you can change the default admin password by typing the new password and the typing it again for verification. This is a little easier but un-secure compared to Netgear routers, as in them you also add the old password. Because if someone gained access to the router he/she can change the password without even knowing the old password.

After the change, you will have reboot your router once for the password to change. After, which you can access the router login page using the newly set password.If you have any questions regarding D-Link router you can ask us in comments below.