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  • How To Fix Windows Update Stuck At 0%

    As you don’t use your laptop or PC for many days when you are out from your town for some urgent work or you are on a trip with your family. But when you come back and turn on your laptop or PC then it will show you a big list of pending updates. As […]

  • How To Fix Windows 10 Search Not Working

    Microsoft released Windows 10 Operating System in the year 2015 and now in the year 2018 it currently have 400 million active users of Windows 10 Operating System. If we have a look on Windows 10 Operating System then we will find that it is different from previous versions of Windows and it have a […]

  • Netgear n150 wnr1000v3 Wireless Router WPS Configuration

    You can easily setup your Netgear n150 wnr1000v3 wireless router either through the SSID setup or through the WiFi Protected Setup(WPS) for configuring your Netgear n150 wnr1000v3 wireless router. In this article we will explain about all the steps that are involved for WPS setup for Netgear n150 wnr1000v3 wireless router. Two Ways for Using WPS for Netgear n150 wnr1000v3 Wireless […]

  • Universal Plug and Play Feature for Netgear Wireless Router

    Today we are going to tell you about various advance features of Netgear wireless router that you can enjoy only after managing the Universal Plug and Play feature for your Netgear wireless router. Using web address you can easily make sure that you can manage the Universal Plug and Play feature of your Netgear […]

  • Features of Netgear AC2300 WiFi Router

    If you want to have advance parental controls for your network then you must purchase Netgear WiFi router. One such device that is available from Netgear is advance Netgear AC2300 WiFi Router device for getting parental controls easily for your Netgear wireless router. You can easily access the parental controls for Netgear AC2300 wireless Router by entering […]

  • Netgear Router Login Steps

    We want to tell you that Router login is only possible after configuring your Netgear wireless router properly. You must follow all the steps for configuring the Netgear wireless router after which you will be able to access the Netgear wireless router login page. You must keep in mind that if you don’t configure your […]

  • How to Solve Netgear Router Access Errors?

    There might be number of reasons due to which you are unable to access the Netgear router web interface. One reason could be browser cache and IP address issues. You should follow the given below steps in order to gain access to your router’s web interface: First off all you must enter proper web address, […]

  • How to Connect to Your Home Router as an Administrator?

    You don’t need to connect to your router everyday but sometimes you need to solve a network related problem or make changes to your network such as: setting up port forwarding rules, configure firmware updates etc. But for accessing your home router as an admin you must know the IP Address of your router as […]