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  • Why your Wireless Router is not Connecting to the Internet?

    This article is very much helpful for those people who are facing problems related to wireless router, wireless access points, wireless USB adapters and other type of networking devices. Steps for Resolving Wireless Network Problem If you have bought a new wireless router and you want to connect it to internet then have a look on […]

  • What is SSID?

    In case of wireless network structure even a simple home network segment is very much complicated as compared to wired networks in which we just put cable in network adapter and and type the IP address. The full form of SSID is Service Set Identifier. In simple words it is also known as “Wireless Network […]

  • What is a Port?

    In basic terms a computer port is actually a connection point or you can say an interface between a computer and an external or internal device. There are two types of ports. First one is Computer Port and second is Software port. Let’s see the difference between these ports. Difference Between Computer Port and Software Port For connecting various […]

  • WiFi Channels

    If we generally talk about channels then everyone imagine TV channels but your wireless router also uses channels. Each and every channel have different number which basically depends upon frequency. The channels from 1 to 11 are used in United States region whereas channels from 1 to 14 are used by European people. Now let […]

  • IP Address

    IP Address is basically nothing but it is a combination of numbers that is used for routing some data to internet. Every electronic device that is connected to internet has its own IP Address. Every electronic device in your home that is connected to internet must have a unique IP Address so that the information […]

  • What is WiFi Protected Setup

    We want to tell you that WiFi Protected Setup has other names as well in the internet community but in this article we will use the term WiFi Protected Setup. In the end of first decade of 21st century it was showed and router configuration was made easier for ordinary consumers. Now you don’t need […]

  • Default Usernames and Passwords of Various Routers

    If somehow you forget the router’s web interface IP Address then don’t worry as in this article we will tell you the IP Address of various routers to open the web interface of your wireless router. In this article you will see a list of various router manufacturers and the default IP addresses that they […]


    The IP address is basically used for private networking. We want to tell you that this IP address is mostly used by the router manufacturers as a default gateway address for their routers. IP addresses and are also used for these purposes. If we compare public IP address with private IP address then we […]


    We want to tell you that the IP address is most widely used and it is most popular IP address for the routers. This IP address is entered in the web interface of the router which is commonly known as admin panel. There are also many other IP addresses other than e.g.,, […]

  • How To Choose Best WiFi Router

    As now-a-days there are a large number of companies that make WiFi Router so you will become confused that which router you should buy. It becomes necessary to know what are the advantages that you should remember before buying wireless router in future. After reading this article you will be able to buy your favorite […]