Default Username and Password of Router with IP Address

Different types of routers have different IP addresses. In this article we will tell you about how to login into a router having IP address We want to tell you that home routers with private access use IP address ip address router

This IP address is used by 65,536 routers mostly for personal use. The IP range of this IP address is The IP address is reserved for broadcast data transfers for public use. We want to tell you that you can use around 253 different IP addresses with this router IP.

The routers with IP address also require username and password just like IP address router. When you are inside your home and you are using a router for more convenient access to the internet then your internet connection will have a default private IP address which is basically a combination of numbers. Every time you buy a new router you will get a default username and password for login into router’s firmware.

Username and Password of IP Address IP address is not a common IP address for routers but in some cases you have to use the IP address in order to have access to Router admin page.

Router IP Address

You don’t need to worry if you don’t remember the username and password of your router as you can easily take the advantage of default username and password that are offered on internet.

Steps for Login into Router with IP Address

Step I: First of all you need to open any browser of your choice on your laptop or PC and type “” in the address bar.

Step II: Now press enter and you will be redirected to a page asking for username and password.

Step III: Now you need to enter the default username “admin” and password “admin” of the router.

Step IV: If everything is fine then you will be redirected to router’s firmware page.

For different routers the username and password is different as shown below:


Username: blank
Password: blank


Username: admin or blank
Password: password, Motorola, admin


Username: blank
Password: admin or password

Even after following these steps you are facing any issues then you can use ping command in command prompt to diagnose the problem as shown in the image below.