Features of Netgear AC2300 WiFi Router

If you want to have advance parental controls for your network then you must purchase Netgear WiFi router. One such device that is available from Netgear is advance Netgear AC2300 WiFi Router device for getting parental controls easily for your Netgear wireless router. You can easily access the parental controls for Netgear AC2300 wireless Router by entering the URL http://routerlogin.net in the address bar of your web browser and filling the websites that you want that your children should not visit.

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After going through this article you will be able to understand all the advanced features of Netgear AC2300 WiFi Router and you can make sure that you have chosen the best wireless router device for your network. So we request you to please read the complete article before making any decision.

Various Features of Netgear AC2300 WiFi Router Device

  1. Using this advance wireless router device you will get Gigabit WiFi speeds and the WiFi variations are tough to find.
  2. This wireless router device would be perfect for all your gaming needs.
  3. Using this wireless router you will get 1 GHz processor and the price of this device is affordable as well.
  4. With Netgear AC2300 WiFi router you can attain internet speed of up to 3 Gbps.
  5. In this device you will get two different USB ports and through these USB ports you can easily use media prioritization and media access for your devices.
  6. Netgear AC2300 WiFi Router device external antennas will make sure that you can have wifi connections for your mobile and laptop devices.

You will get all these features with Netgear AC2300 WiFi Router device. You can easily access the Netgear router login page through your mobile phone, PC or laptop. We would like to suggest you to install Netgear Genie application for your device so that you can easily fill login username and password and manage various settings for your wireless router.