How To Download and Use Android File Transfer For Mac Book

Do you worry about how to transfer your files from Android to Mac? Don’t worry as Google has come with a solution to this problem when Mac was introduced. Google developed an app called Android File Transfer which is used when you want to transfer your personal data from Android to Mac.

android file transfer

Various people prefer Android phone over an iPhone with a Mac laptop. In such cases you need a tool for transferring your personal data from your Android phone to your Mac Book and vice versa.

Whenever you switch from Windows laptop to Mac Book then you get worried about transferring your files which are very important for you. But don’t worry as Android File Transfer app is very useful and is very easy to use. All you need to do is download the app on your PC and then connect your Android phone to the PC via USB cable. After that you need to select the MTP option on your Android phone.

Steps for Downloading and Using Android File Transfer App

Step I: Open Google Play Store on your Android phone and search for Android File Transfer app.

Step II: Click on Download option.

Step III: Let the app be downloaded on your Android phone.

Step IV: Now you need to go to Files Manager folder.

Step V: Now double click on the downloaded file and let the app be installed.

Step VI: For installing the downloaded file you need to accept various license agreements and then click on Finish button.

How to Use Android File Transfer App on Your Mac Book?

Below are the steps involved for using the Android File Transfer app:

Step I: Connect your Android phone to the Mac Book via USB cable.

Step II: Now open Mac Finder on your Mac Book.

Android File Transfer For Mac

Step III: After that find File Transfer and double click on it.

Step IV: Now you will find all the files that are visible to you in a list.

Step V: In the fifth step you just need to simply drag and drop the files that you want. You can also use the Copy & Paste method for transferring various files from your Android phone to your Mac Book and vice versa.