How To Choose Best WiFi Router

As now-a-days there are a large number of companies that make WiFi Router so you will become confused that which router you should buy. It becomes necessary to know what are the advantages that you should remember before buying wireless router in future. After reading this article you will be able to buy your favorite router from the electronic store.

choosing best wifi router

Know About Connection Type

First of all you must find the type of connection and protocol that is being used by your internet service provider(ISP). You can easily find this information from technical support team of your ISP.

Various technologies that are currently in use:

  1. Default Twisted Pair Ethernet Cable: This type of Ethernet cable is laid in your apartment or office from switch and it is installed inside the building.
  2. Digital Subscriber Line(DSL): Using this cable you can access internet via telephone network.
  3. Gigabit Passive Optical Networks: The Internet Service Provider(ISP) that use this type of technology basically provide their own equipment as well as configuration to their subscribers for proper functioning of all the services. Only few WiFi router support this technology. It means that you cannot confirm that whether your Internet Service Provider(ISP) supports this type of router or not.

Your WiFi router compatibility will fully depend upon the support of one or another connection protocol if you use Ethernet or DSL connection. Most of the modern wireless routers support all types of connection protocol and are known as “omnivorous”. So before choosing a perfect WiFi router for yourself you must read all the specifications of the WiFi router.

Know That For Which Purpose You Are Purchasing The Router

If you only want to just connect some electronic device to the internet just using the wireless connection and cable then you only need to buy cheap old wireless router without any special functions.

But if your demands are high and you want fast internet and you want to convert your home into entertainment center to watch movies in full HD and Blu-ray quality at your home then you need to buy a powerful wireless router with Gigabit technology, protocols, special function support and available nests for external device.

Know About Connection Speed

As all of you know that now-a-days there are basically two types of wireless network standards and those are: 802.11 n and 802.11 ac. The wireless devices with 802.11 n standard basically operate in the range of 2.4 GHz frequency range and provide data transfer rate of 150 Mbps to 600 Mbps which totally depends upon class. As the bandwidth of 802.11 ac wireless network standard is higher as compared to 802.11 n wireless network standard so it provides better performance. It operates in the frequency range of 5 GHz and provides data transfer rate of 433 Mbps to 4 Gbps which totally depends upon class. We want to tell you that all wireless routers that are available now-a-days are 802.11 n as well as 802.11 ac compatible.

The connection speed that is specified by various manufacturers is theoretical and not practical which is achieved in only ideal conditions. But practically the data transfer rate will be very much lower due to electromagnetic interference from other devices and obstacles in the path of WiFi signal.

For LAN internet connection high internet speed is very important.

Know About Ports Speed

Different types of ports provide different speeds. Ethernet port provides data transfer rate of 100 Mbps whereas Gigabit Ethernet port provides data transfer rate of 1000 Mbps.

If your Internet Service Provider is providing you internet with data transfer rate of more than 100 Mbps then you should choose a wireless router with Gigabit Ethernet port otherwise choose wireless router with Ethernet port.

Know About Antennas

We want to tell you that antennas are internal as well as external. The gain of internal antennas is usually about 2-3 dBi whereas external antennas has gain of about 5 dBi. If there is open space in your surroundings then you should use wireless router with internal antennas. If you are living in apartment and work in office where there are a lot of walls as well as ceilings then you should use wireless router with external antennas. External antennas are usually can be fixed and are removable.