We want to tell you that the IP address is most widely used and it is most popular IP address for the routers. This IP address is entered in the web interface of the router which is commonly known as admin panel. There are also many other IP addresses other than e.g.,, These IP addresses are usually known as host addresses. router web interface

Know About Web Interface Or Admin Panel

In your router web interface is one of the most important that you should know. In web interface of your router there are a lot of things that you can setup. Most of these settings are fully responsible for your network’s security. In latest 21st century there is a lot of advancement in technology and IT industry so there are a lot of hackers and cyber criminals who are always want to steal your personal information and use this information in an illegal way. IP Address is basically used in Linksys router web interface. Now let us have look on how to enter in web interface of a router with this IP address and configure some important settings for better security.

Steps Involved In Logging Into Web Interface

Various steps that are involved in logging and changing the settings of your linksys router or any other router are as under:

Step I: First of all you have to open your favorite web browser e.g. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge.

Step II: Now enter the IP Address of your router in the address bar. If you are using Linksys router then enter IP Address as this is the default IP Address for Linksys routers.

Step III: After entering the IP Address in address bar of your web browser you will see login window where you have to enter the username and the password. By default both the username and password are ‘admin’.