What is a Port?

In basic terms a computer port is actually a connection point or you can say an interface between a computer and an external or internal device. There are two types of ports. First one is Computer Port and second is Software port. Let’s see the difference between these ports.

Difference Between Computer Port and Software Port

For connecting various electronic devices to your computer you need to use computer port. Basically these ports are behind the electronic devices like networking devices or personal computer. These ports are basically used for connecting some input devices like: mouse, keyboard, printer. Special USB ports are used for connecting modern devices to your PC or laptop.

Ports of Different Protocols - What is a Port

Ports of Different Protocols

Another type of port is software port. Software ports are basically used for internet addressing process and helping data packets to find their destination point. Software ports basically help your computer in running more than one data accessing processes together. Each and every process have its own combination number that is known as port. Computer knowing of program is guaranteed by this process which must be used for incoming data e.g it is basically like phone network working. Basically there are few number of combinations which help you in getting to the right address.

Given below is a diagram which shows us about what we are talking now. This diagram basically shows software ports.

List of ports in a router

List of ports in a router

Special number combination is used by some apps and services. For example your internet browser uses port 62 whereas your email uses port 13. Most of the applications know that which data they need to accept and which type of traffic they should ignore.

Steps to be Followed for Setting a Port

Special hardware and software is used for revising data so you don’t need to perform any action with the ports. Below are the situations when you need to define number combinations of the ports manually:

  1. When you need to connect to a private game server.
  2. For configuring utorrent software.
  3. For specifying various applications that can be passed through the router.
  4. For getting connection to a particular camera.

If you are using special IP address which is used by network then you can easily get permission e.g security cameras use IP address for giving access to someone who want to use that camera. Your security camera has its own port and IP address. Whenever you need to connect to your camera then you need to enter the IP address as well as the port.

Port Mapping

Port mapping is also known as Port Forwarding. You can easily get all the internet traffic via router which is assigned for your location. This thing is popularly known as port mapping.

How to Know if Port is Opened?

You need to use special application for understanding that your port is opened on your PC. You should read some articles on internet before you choose the best application. I hope this explains your question “What is a port?”