What is SSID?

In case of wireless network structure even a simple home network segment is very much complicated as compared to wired networks in which we just put cable in network adapter and and type the IP address. The full form of SSID is Service Set Identifier. In simple words it is also known as “Wireless Network Name”. The electronic device that want to connect to internet can easily see the SSID i.e the network name in the range that it wants to connect to. Among all the networks to find the correct wireless network we should use the SSID of our home network for connecting to internet.


For giving a particular name or SSID to your network you need these requirements:

  1. SSID should consist of Latin alphabets and numbers. You should not use spaces or special symbols in your SSID but you can use underscores and hyphens in your SSID. You cannot use Cyrillic alphabet.
  2. For one frequency range you cannot use same SSID. If the SSIDs have same type of encryption then switching from one access point to another access point will result in failed authentication. Most of the modern routers can easily work with several wireless networks. This thing becomes very much useful when you want to setup SSID or wireless network name specially for your friends, neighbors and share the internet connection with them without giving access to your home wireless network. MBSSID technology (Multi Broadcast Service Set Identifier) is used for providing this facility.

Steps for Changing WiFi Network SSID

Changing the name of your wireless network is an easy task. For this you need to open the web interface of your wireless router. Now you need to enter the default IP address¬† which is used by most of the routers. After that in login panel you need to enter the default username “admin” and also the default password “admin” for login into web interface of your router. After entering into web interface you will see the option of “Basic settings”. Click on this option and now you will see the SSID or Name of the network bar.

Now you just need to delete the old Network name or SSID and type a new name of your own choice. After that you should not forget to click on Save Changes button otherwise all the changes made by you will be lost.

Steps for Hiding SSID of Your Network

For increasing the security of your network you need to hide the SSID of your network from other electronic devices. This thing can be easily done by putting correct tick mark in router’s settings.

This thing works in the following way. In a frequency range your wireless network broadcast its name. So any other person having electronic device can easily see it and they can try to hack your wireless network. But if you hide the SSID of your wireless router by putting correct tick in router settings then your network will become invisible in that frequency range. The users that know the name of your wireless network only can connect to internet through your wireless router.