How To Reset Belkin Router?

Want to know how to reset belkin router ? Well.. I have summed up the easiest way to do it. This method is actually very simple as it takes only a minute or less to reset a router. Resetting of router is done because of various reasons like you may have forgotten your password or having some issues with internet connectivity etc. First thing to know is that this process will not brick your router as many people generally turns to the service centres fearing for their device’s safety. So, rest assured and let’s get started…

reset belkin router

All range of belkin routers can be reset through this method.

Note:- This guide is same for all the Belkin Routers and also resetting your belkin router will reset all your previous data, SSID name and Wifi security key. Don’t worry, you can reconfigure all your settings after resetting the router.

Important:- Before going through the reset process, it is very important to create a backup file of all your router’s settings first. By doing so, you don’t have to manually set your configuration after a reset. You can use the backup file to restore all your previous settings.

You can reset your belkin router either manually resetting using the reset button or by using the Admin Panel.

Using the Reset Button to reset Belkin Router

1. First step is to look for the reset button on your router which is usually at the back side of your router. However, in some models its location may differ. You can see in the image below:

reset belkin router

2. Second step is to turn on your router and then press the reset button for minimum 15 seconds.

reset belkin router

press and hold for 15 seconds

3. Now wait for around 1 minute for your router to restart itself.

Congrats!!..Your Belkin Router now has been reset to its default settings. You can now open your admin panel and login with the default details.
Note:- Belkin Routers doesn’t have a default password. Just leave the password field blank.
Also after the reset, your router’s language will change back to English or whatever the language your browser is currently using.

Using the Admin Panel to reset Belkin Router

If you have your login id and password you can reset your Belkin Router directly through admin panel.
Note:- All the images shown below may differ depending on your router’s model.

1. First step is to access your Admin Panel. You can do it entering in your browser’s address bar.

browser's address bar

A web-based router’s setup page will open.

2. Second step is to click Login on the upper right corner.

belkin setup wizard

Click Login

3. You will be asked for a password. Enter your password and click submit. If you haven’t set any password, you should leave the password field blank as belkin routers doesn’t have a default password.

4. After you have successfully logged in to your admin panel, go to the “Utilities” tab and then click on “Restore Factory Defaults” option.

reset belkin router

Click Restore Factory Defaults

5. Under the Restore Factory Defaults page, select “Restore Defaults“.

reset belkin router

Click Restore Defaults

Your router will now start the resetting process. Router’s Power LED will start blinking for a minute. Once the Power LED turns solid again, your router will be reset to its original configuration.

That’s it, you are done. Your Belkin router has now been reset to its default settings. We Hope this guide clears all your doubts on how to reset belkin router. In case, if you face any problem do comment and ask. We will try to help you out as soon as possible. Thanks!