How To Change Router’s Frequency From 2.4 GHz To 5 GHz

As all of us know that now-a-days WiFi networks have become so much popular that you can find them almost everywhere in large numbers. When we setup wireless router in our home or apartment then we find that the signal quality is very poor as we move far away from router. While inside your home or apartment you will get full signal. Basically we are talking about a router with 2.4 GHz frequency.

changing router frequency

You can also get poor quality of signal from your router as result of various other electronic devices which also operate at the frequency of 2.4 GHz and are kept near to the router. These devices include microwave oven, radio-controlled devices, WiFi routers and other wireless devices of your neighbors. The frequency range of such type of routers is very low and it only have 12 channels. Buying an expensive router is not a solution to this problem.

If you see huge number of networks when you turn on WiFi of your smartphone or laptop it simply means that the signal quality will be unstable. If you go to an electronic store and check those boxes with wireless home router then you can easily find the speed with which these routers can send data packets. The requirements for high quality of speed are as under:

  1. The destination electronic device must have wireless standard of 802.11 n.
  2. The channel width of the WiFi router must be 20 MHz or 40 MHz.
  3. The chip set of your WiFi router must support this type of signal speed.
  4. There should be very small number of other wireless network access points within the range of your WiFi router.

The reason behind that we need all these things is that for example, you have internet connection with 70 Mbps speed but you are getting speed of only 54 Mbps. 20-25% of your internet speed is lost due to interference and encryption. Buying 802.11 b or g routers is a bad idea as high quality speed signal requires n standard WiFi router. The internet speed can also be lost due to incorrect configuration of your router.

Some countries block wireless standard of 802.11 n as this type of wireless standard is not certified in these countries. Suppose you buy a wireless router with 5 GHz frequency range then in most cases you will not find the network if you try to find the network.

Some Information About 5 GHz Frequency Of ac Wireless Standard

We want to tell you that 802.11 ac is a new wireless standard. The wireless routers with this standard are very costly. This wireless standard is not used anywhere. But ac wireless standard is basically used for broadcasting presentations with higher resolution images.