Updating Router’s Firmware : Guide on How to Update Router Firmware

As all of you know that now-a-days information technology is developing very fast and so quickly. In order to keep pace with the latest technology you need to update your router’s firmware on a regular basis. In this article we will discuss why you need to update the firmware of your router and how to update the firmware of your router.

How To Know What Is Better: Software Or Firmware?

Firmware is basically a piece of software on which your router is based upon. Firmware is fully responsible for the proper functioning of your router. You can only update the firmware of your router. You cannot delete or download the firmware of your router. But in case of software you can delete as well as download a new software for your router. Software is basically installed on your router in addition to the firmware.

Is It Safe To Install Update For Your Microprogram?

You should not install the latest update for your microprogram unless you think that you really need to install the latest update for your microprogram. If you don’t know the updating rules then it would be dangerous to update the microprogram for your router. If you are installing microprogram update for your router and due to some reason its installation stops at any stage, then your router will crash and become broken. To reduce the risk of crashing your router you need to connect your router to the personal computer when installing the update for your microprogram.

Reasons Due To Which You Will Be Coerced To Download New Microprogram Update

Most people don’t know that their router can be updated instead of buying a new router. You need to update the firmware of your router on a regular basis in order to keep pace with the fast developing information technology. There are numerous advantages of a firmware:

  1. Updating your router’s firmware helps in fixing various bugs. Suppose you are using a router but you are experiencing slow internet. Then you don’t need to buy a new router but just update the firmware of your router to get going.
  2. Another advantage of updating the firmware of your router is that using your router becomes more comfortable and profound.
  3. Your router will become more secure after updating its firmware. The hackers cannot access internet via your router if you update the firmware of your router on a regular basis.

How To Refresh The Firmware Of Your Router?

Below is the step by step guide of how to refresh the firmware of your router. We are discussing the steps related to the mostly used router Linksys.

  1. First of all you need to have access to the computer that is connected to the router via cable. If the computer is not connected then you will not get a reliable connection. We want to tell you that the updating process of the firmware of router requires a stable and reliable internet connection. The updating process should not be stopped at any stage otherwise your router will crash and become unusable.
  2. Now you need to login into router’s web interface via the computer that is directly connected to the router. You can login by entering the default router username and password if there is no password set for that particular router.
  3. Now you need to find the firmware version of your router. You can easily find the firmware version of your router after viewing the router’s web interface as shown in the image below.Various Methods Of Updating Router's FirmwareAs you can see in the image that the firmware version is in the top right corner and the firmware version in this case is: v7.50.2. You can also find the firmware version at the bottom of your router which is non-updated.
  4. As you know the current version of the firmware of your router so now you need to visit the website of the manufacturer of your router. In this case we will visit Linksys router’s support page. Now in the search bar enter the information related to your router. After entering the information in search bar you will see different versions of the firmware related to your router that you need to download. Choose the version that is latest as compared to the firmware version that you found on the router’s web interface and download it.
  5. Another way to update the firmware of your router is to login to your router’s webpage again if you are logged out. On this page you will see “Firmware update”. In this case we are talking about Linksys router and you need to click on “Administration” and after clicking you will see the option of Firmware Update. If you are using a different router then you need to search it in “Options” or “Maintenance”.Various Methods Of Updating Router's Firmware
  6. Now browse for the firmware file that you have downloaded and you will see the the file in the upgrade box. Now click on upgrade. That’s all.
  7. Now wait for few minutes and your router’s firmware version will be updated to a new version.