How to Wear Boho Jewelry: A Guide to the Trend

Recent years have seen a rise in the popularity of “Boho” fashions and “Boho” jewellery. Or perhaps you’ve seen a rise in the popularity of neutral colours and muted accent colours in both clothes and jewellery.

More and more people are adopting Boho jewellery and the Boho aesthetic as a way to express their desire for a more minimalist, earthy aesthetic.

Let’s analyse Boho clothing and accessories to see if they suit you.

What Exactly Is the Boho Look?

The term “Boho” is an abbreviation for “Bohemian,” as some of you have already figured. Over two centuries ago, the Bohemian jewellery, clothes, and overall art style became immensely popular throughout Europe, inspiring a whole new wave of creative expression. People who favour a nomadic lifestyle, such as artists, intellectuals, writers, and travellers, are sometimes stereotyped as “hippies.”

Boho style is easily identified by its emphasis on a loose, carefree, and organic aesthetic. As a way of expressing one’s inner originality and individuality, the Boho style does not work well with limits of any type.

Given that a key principle of the Boho style is the rejection of convention, it might be challenging to provide a concrete description of Boho jewellery or Boho clothing. Nonetheless, there are many recurring motifs in Bohemian jewellery and clothing:

When it comes to colour, boho is defined by unconventional colour choices.

Boho EarringsBoho style often features free-flowing, oversized garments; narrow jeans and restrictive jackets are out.

Scarfs. Quite a few of them. Scarves may not be worn with every Boho-inspired outfit, but they are nonetheless synonymous with the style. Whether it’s tied around your hat, wrapped around your shoulder bag, or worn as a huge bracelet on your arm, a scarf may be used in countless ways while dressing Boho.

Handmade, oversized, and brilliantly hued pieces of jewellery. Boho fashion jewellery typically consists of large, brightly coloured boho earrings, handcrafted bracelets, and rings in muted, earthy tones worn on several fingers.

Extra-large footwear and luggage are also acceptable. Similarly to how Boho apparel isn’t designed to be figure-hugging, Boho jewellery tends to be a lot more flashy and ostentatious.
Tons of straps. The Bohemian aesthetic is particularly fond of unconventional ornamentation, such as hair straps, strap bands as opposed to bracelets, and strappy “gladiator” footwear.

The unifying feature of the Boho style is that it encourages individuality and individual expression. No one can tell you that you can’t be a true Boho if all you have in your closet is a few necklaces and a skinny scarf. It’s also in keeping with the aesthetic to go all out and make oneself look like a genuine nomad Bohemian.

The Origins of Bohemian Clothing and Jewelry

For the past two centuries, the Bohemian aesthetic has been one of the most noticeable and well-known “alternative” styles worldwide. The years after the French Revolution are sometimes cited as the origin of the Bohemian counterculture.

After that landmark event in French and European history, the previous system of artistic patronage collapsed almost entirely, leaving many artists in dire straits. Many of them adopted itinerant existences, reduced their standard of living, and sought for new forms of self-expression.

As a result, a new cult of personality emerged among European artists, one in which they were free to create, innovate, and wear whatever they liked. People rapidly began labelling these itinerant artists as Gypsies due to their unconventional appearance and lifestyle. Moreover, the Bohemian fashion movement emerged as a response to the widespread belief that Gypsies originated in the Czech Republic, a region of Eastern Europe and the Balkans.

The popularity of the Boho style, which originated as part of the “counterculture,” has waxed and waned throughout the years. The millennial generation is largely responsible for the recent revival of the bohemian aesthetic.

Bohemian Style: What to Wear?

In general, there are no hard and fast rules about how to dress Boho. Bohemian-style clothing is typically very flowy and unrestrictive, and is made from light but layered fabrics.

While earthy tones like green, brown, and yellow are often associated with the Boho style, any colour or colour combination that allows you to express your individuality is valid when it comes to Boho fashion.

The main idea behind Boho jewellery, as with other Boho accessories, is that there are few limits to what you may actually accomplish with it. For starters, Bohemian styles can be interpreted through a wide variety of jewellery. Some illustrations are as follows:

Rings in a bohemian style. Rather than rare and expensive precious stones, Boho rings usually feature more common and inexpensive semiprecious gemstones. Boho jewellery frequently features uncut, unpolished gemstones in their natural forms.
Boho-chic raw rose quartz rings are a thing of beauty.

Rings in the bohemian style. Boho bracelets can be as simple as a single strand or as elaborate as a layered set. Boho bracelets come in many forms, but one of the most common is the friendship bracelet.
hippie jewellery

Bracelet made of multicoloured leather and stones.

Necklaces and pendants in the bohemian fashion. The options for wearing a Boho necklace are virtually endless, much like those for wearing bracelets. Leather, semi-precious stones, beads, and string are only some examples of the natural materials frequently used.
hippie leather choker
Uniquely Boho in its effortless chic. Learn more about it here.

Earrings in the Boho style are often enormous and drenched in vivid colours. As an illustration, consider these ethnic Tribal gold earrings with their gorgeous textured surfaces and eye-popping colour schemes.

Haloes, tiaras, and chains for the head are just few of the boho headpieces that may be found within the collection. They focus more on flowery and earthy motifs produced from a variety of materials than on pricey precious stones.

The Qualities That Define Boho Jewelry

Boho jewellery is typically made from natural materials like leather, shell, string, base metals, and twine, as well as affordable semi-precious stones like lapis lazuli, labradorite, amethyst, and quartz. As is the case with most forms of alternative style, Boho jewellery is typically affordable.

When it comes to colour, Boho jewellery is most often found in earthy tones like green, brown, orange, and yellow. Bright reds and blues, a spectrum of purples and pinks, and other colour combinations are all imaginable. As a result, gemstones are frequently used because of the vibrancy they add to jewellery.

Many common design elements include geometric shapes, natural motifs like the sun, stars, animals, and flowers, and spiritual patterns like mandalas.

Are Pieces of Boho Jewelry Appropriate For Me?

Anybody can look good in bohemian jewellery. In any case, that’s what we’ve concluded. It’s not exactly the finest option for the red carpet, but it’s spot on for a laid-back, carefree style.

Pick for clothes and accessories that you can easily picture yourself in, both in terms of colour and fit. The fact that an item looks good on one person does not guarantee that it will look good on another. When selecting clothing, go with what you believe looks best on you.

Beautiful Boho jewellery exists for those who want simple, subtle accessories.