What Is the Distinction Between High Definition and Clear Lace?

The new craze for Transparent and HD Lace is obvious to many of you in the wig and hair extension industry. One of the most often inquiries we get is “what is the difference?” In this post, we’ll break down the distinctions between HD Lace and Transparent Lace so you can choose the right lace for your wig unit.


HD means “high definition”. HD lace, also known as royal lace or Swiss lace, is a lace material that is undetectable after it is placed on the head. Thus, the wig-wearer can have an exposed hairline that looks completely natural and makes the lace along the hairline nearly imperceptible.


The transparent variety of lace is just opaque lace. Dark brown, medium brown, light brown, and clear are the four standard lace hues. Choosing a colour that works well with one’s skin tone is essential. Check out the image grid down below for a quick refresher.


When comparing HD lace and transparent lace, what are the key differences?

HD lace is a rebranding of traditional Swiss lace, as we’ve already established. Transparent lace, which is ordinary lace but in a transparent tint like the one shown above, is thinner and more see-through than opaque lace.

HD lace

Transparent lace is typically recommended for women with lighter skin tones; however, new research has shown that by bleaching the hair knots and glueing down the hairline, transparent lace can blend in with any skin tone. The HD Lace wig will keep you from having to deal with the second scenario.


To what extent does HD lace last?

HD lace is the more delicate option, but it’s also the thicker of the two. It’s not as plush as some other materials, but it lasts a long time and is comfortable to wear. It also features the thinnest, most unobtrusive base, making it ideal for usage in the foreground. But use caution at all times. HD Lace is extremely delicate and can easily be torn due to its thinness. The hair on these HD Lace frontals/closures should not be pulled, tugged, or brushed excessively.

Curing High Definition Lace Wigs: What You Need to Know

Be sure that all traces of glue have been removed before washing the HD lace wigs. Brushing curly hair requires a wig comb and a wide-tooth comb. Reduce shedding by gently brushing hairs from the bottom up.

When washing your HD lace wig, use cool or lukewarm water. To maintain the wig’s shape, apply conditioner to the strands, but avoid getting it near the base. Wait three to four minutes, then keep rinsing. Towel-dry the wig thoroughly. The final step is to place the wig on a mannequin head or stand and let it to dry naturally.